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Gaga becoming Gag gag? July 21, 2010

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Quite frankly the morning commute has become miserable.  I can stand the traffic, usually I take it as time to myself where no one is calling on me either at home or at work and I can just relax.  But with the same songs in my head every morning and afternoon, I am annoyed.

We are in a cycle my friends, of the same songs we have been listening to since May.  Nothing new has been added and it all sounds the same.  And, I hate to say it but what has been the worst recently is Lady Gaga.  Don’t get me wrong I love her; I find her music enjoyable.  It seems to me that everytime I change the station its either Alejandro, Bad romance, disco stick, just dance, seriously pick one and its on.  I’m over it, so so over it.  A lot of times I just wanna sing, and I can’t because there is nothing on the radio that meets my mood.

So I have a few solution in mind– buy a new ipod and load with tons of fabulous songs for singing and overall happiness or hook up the satellite radio I have had for years.   We’ll see what it comes to, but it shouldn’t have to.  What are they on a schedule that they must play Gaga every 10 minutes?   Find me something new.  Oh don’t worry Katy Perry you and Snoop will be next on my list of overplayed music. 

On the life front:
1) I have a wedding to help plan! Congrats Bek!
2) Mike and I will be up at PSU on Saturday to move me out completely, which I guess means that era finally ends. 
3) I’ll be on a beach in 11 days– not that I’m counting down or anything. 🙂


A lunch time post July 15, 2010

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Gotta a half hour of lunch left- time to write; ready, set, go.

A frustration:

Currently frustrating with the changing of insurance with graduation.  While I have a full time job, I don’t get benefits currently and had to deal with purchasing my own individual plan.  It’s utterly frustrating and one of the many changes that have caused major headaches.  No wonder so many people get frustrated with insurance companies, if I’m a college graduate and don’t understand the documents I’m being sent, then how the hell do uneducated people understand it?


I love my job.  I play a lot with looking at social media opportunities and I work with clients on doing traditional public relations.  One observation: pulling people on the social media bandwagon is difficult.  Those of you out in the business world should grow to love and understand what it means for the bottom line.

More and more companies are utilizing social media to build their brand online.  It’s such an easy space for people to post their opinions on a given company or product.  One bad tweet could launch into a viral problem for a company.  Instead, if you are there and prepared and reacting to issues present in the space, you have a better opportunity to minimize the effects of a tweet or post.  Gotta get there before others become you.  Just ask Heinz. (steps off social media soap box, for now)

You know I always offer tutorials on social media, get it now before I start charging 😉

Where is summer?

Weekends are full of places to be and weekdays are already a fairly mundane routine.  (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme, I promise).  Each day I go to work 8:30-5, home by 5:45, dinner with Barry and Dianne (they have been fantastic by the way), to the gym (gotta lose some weight), home by 9 pm, bed by 10:30-11– repeat.  It’s a scary thing this repetition and is just another addition that I put in the “grown-up” column.

For now, thats just a taste but I’m sure I’ll soon have a good vent.  Tonight’s my highly belated anniversary dinner with that boy of mine, 4 years together and he still thinks I’m fine (yep, that one was on purpose.)

AND tomorrow I get to go to Mike’s law firm Kennywood day, what do you wear to a law firm Kennywood day:  I’m guessing not my best dress, but also not a tube top…I’ll have to find something in the middle.  But that is all for now, back to work 🙂


She’s back… July 14, 2010

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After completing my degree and landing a job in Pittsburgh area (who say’s its impossible?) I finally have the time to get back to writing and blogging.

For those of you who don’t know, I blogged for a few months at Penn State, but come Spring semester never really had the time for it.  So here I am, back and ready than ever to tell you my thoughts on pop culture, Pittsburgh life, politics and life after graduation.  Oh and I promise there will be a PR spin on most everything. 🙂

So bookmark my page and put it on your daily list of procrastination doings because I promise I’ll provide you with some daily entertainment (I hope…) and some Rotz rants and ravings.

Can’t wait to get writing!